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Lower the glove box down completely by pushing the hyundia sides of the glove box inward. Always grasp the bulb by its plastic base, avoid touching the glass.

These long, low frequency radio waves can follow the curvature of the earth rather than travelling straight out into the atmosphere. Always observe the following: Because brakes are essential to the safe operation of the car, it is suggested that they be checked and inspected by your Hyundai dealer.

This must be done by an authorized Hyundai dealer. Never adjust the sunshade while driving. Give special attention to dpf removal of salt, mud and other sub- stances on the underside of the splashboards of the car.

It is operated by depress- To lock the mabual from the inside, simply close the mechanism is engaged, the rear door cannot be ing the door lock switch.

2007 Hyundai Tucson Owners Manual pdf

Remove the luggage mat. Page 32 This should be done even if no damage is visible. With the “Recirculation” mode selected, air from within the passenger compartment will be drawn through the heating system and heated or cooled according to the function selected. Protect the bulb against abrasions or scratches and against liquids when lighted. Door A code number is stamped on the number plate BC01E-1 that came with the keys to your Hyundai.

When inspecting or servicing the In this state, the system sequentially works according to the order of downlaod selected. For low beams, pull the lever back toward you. Page 60 If you suspect cooling system trouble, have your cooling system checked by a Hyundai dealer as soon as possible.

Hyundai Tucson Owners Manual pdf | SERVICE MANUAL OWNERS

Page 56 If the light stays on fully driven to a Hyundai dealer for inspection. Page 87 P Park position on automatic transaxle vehicles. Hold the disc so you will not tkcson finger- prints on the surface.

Page o Four numbers represent the week and year the tire was built. If you notice that tires are wearing unevenly between ro- tations, have the car checked by a Hyundai dealer so the cause may be corrected.

Hyundai 2007 Tucson Owner’s Manual

The purpose of the pre-tensioner is to make hyndai that the seat belts fit tightly against the occupant’s body in certain frontal collisions. This information identifies and describes the fundamen- tal characteristics of the tire and also provides the tire identification number TIN for safety standard certification.

Use to hold the vehicle in place when parked or while starting the engine.

Page 42 If the seat belt downlpad not operate as de- scribed, have the system checked imme- diately by your authorized Hyundai dealer. These titles indicate the following: The brakes should be checked and inspected for wear at those intervals specified in the vehicle mainte Wheels that do not meet Hyundai’s specifications may fit poorly and result in damage to the vehicle tucskn unusual handling and poor ve Fluid loss indicates a leak in the clutch system which should be inspected and repaired imme- diately.

Remove the cover with a phillips screw driver. Because brakes are essential to the safe operation of the car, it is suggested that they be checked and inspected by your Hyundai dealer.

Extremely high catalytic con- o Do not stop your Hyundai over any com- verter temperatures can result from im- bustible material such as grass, paper, proper operation of the electrical, igni- leaves or rags. Side Defroster Nozzle 2. Press the button to switch the power on. Manuaal code number is stamped on the number plate BC01E-1 that came with the keys to your Hyundai.

When the lock the owneers arm rest. Since laws vary from State to State the require- ments for towing trailers, cars, or other types of vehicles or apparatus may differ. CD Changer Selection Button 6. P Park position on automatic transaxle vehicles.

Page These are the regular checks you should per- o Whenever you have your Hyundai serviced, form when you drive your Hyundai or you fill the keep copies of the service records in your o Inspection should be performed any time a fuel tank. Your Hyundai should not be modified in any way. Open the tail gate.

Children who are too large for child restraint A seat belt should be used when an injured Sitting in a reclined position or lying down systems should always occupy the rear seat person is being transported.

Page Seat belt condition and operation o Sunvisor operation If you notice anything that does not operate correctly or appears to be functioning correctly, inspect it carefully and seek assistance from your Hyundai dealer if service is needed.

Page If the fuse doanload opened, you should be a snug fit.