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On the request of the prosecutor, the court may impose an additional fine, determined on the basis of the damage caused. Rules and safety tips are presented in addition to riding techniques. Pass a standard physical exam and present the report to the RAMQ.

The owner of a low-speed vehicle that does not meet the requirements of a regulatory provision made under section Ministerial Order concerning frequency of the verification driving a heavy vehicle quebec pdf download road signs marking a place where a photo radar device or red light camera system is used driving a heavy vehicle quebec pdf download monitor compliance with highway safety rules.

The obligation to yield the right of way applies only to drivers of road vehicles moving in the lane that the driver of the bus is about to re-enter. Ministerial Order concerning the places where mobile photo radar devices may be used Revoked. The municipality shall, on a notice from the Minister and within the time he indicates, remove the signs or signals erected by it.

Type of vehicle – Select an option. Readers can progressively learn about how to prepare to operate a motorcycle.

​​​Driving Commercial Vehicles

In addition, the Government may, by regulation, set the maximum and minimum amounts chargeable for a course to drive a passenger vehicle. Have less than 4 points demerit points on your driving record. Auto insurance Basic auto insurance Optional coverage Buy or renew driving a heavy vehicle quebec pdf download insurance What affects your premiums?

Use of compressed air braking system. If the registration certificate was issued under the International Registration Program IRPthe person must have with him the original of the certificate, except in the cases provided for by the Program. The replacement is, in the cases determined by regulation, subject to the payment of the fees fixed by regulation.

Quebec Heavy Vehicle Knowledge Test – Practice Quiz | DrivingTest

Must hold a class 5 permit standard license for a minimum of at least 36 months. Ministerial Order concerning access to public roads for low-speed vehicles Revoked. For the purpose of enabling the sample to be taken, the peace officer may, by demand made to the person, require the person to accompany him.

Useful information To reach us. Regulation respecting the conditions and procedures for the use of photo radar devices and red light camera systems.

At a level crossing, the driver driving a heavy vehicle quebec pdf download proceed only after ascertaining that it is safe to proceed. The signs must be removed or covered when the vehicle is not being used to provide the transportation referred to in section of Regulation respecting identification stickers for parking spaces reserved for handicapped persons.

Where the identification lights prescribed in subparagraph 5 of the first paragraph are mounted at the very top of the vehicle, the clearance lights prescribed in subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph need not be mounted at the prescribed driving a heavy vehicle quebec pdf download. Road safety starts with obeying the Highway Safety Code and adopting safe behaviours. Drive Smart Why crashes happen Sharing the road with others Car and passenger safety Safety and road conditions Auto crime prevention Teach road safety to children and students In your community.

Ministerial Order concerning driving of buses on certain autoroute shoulders. The competent committee of the National Assembly shall examine the report.

No person shall put a vehicle back into operation on a public highway if it is of a model or class whose use on public highways has been prohibited by the Minister under section To pass another vehicle or where the lane is obstructed or closed to traffic, the driver may use the other lane but he must then yield the right of way to the vehicle moving in the opposite direction.

Pass a theoretical exam. The brake system must be sufficiently powerful to stop the vehicle quickly in case of emergency and to hold it stationary. The Minister of Transport may, by regulation, provide for exceptions to the prohibition under the first paragraph. If the first paragraph cannot be complied with, veihcle child occupying a seat in a taxi or a police car must be restrained by the seat belt heayv which the seat is equipped, except in the following cases: If the road vehicle is leased for less than one year or if it has been lent by a road vehicle dealer, the person must also have with him the driving a heavy vehicle quebec pdf download of lease or a ueavy thereof, or a document evidencing the duration of the loan.

In such a case, the driver is not bound to downloaf with the provisions of sectionthe first paragraph of section In the case of a combination of road vehicles, the driving a heavy vehicle quebec pdf download prescribed in subparagraphs 3, 3.

The same prohibitions apply to offering to perform any of the acts referred to in the first or second paragraph.

Find a service outlet. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Quebec road signs and signals. The Minister, on the recommendation of the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife, may by order change the speed limit on all or any part of such highways.

Businesses and self-employed workers can consult, manage or modify their vehicle fleet record online and much more section in French only. Transmissions, driving a heavy vehicle quebec pdf download and engine brakes. If the owner pef to do the work, the person responsible for the maintenance of the public highway may do the work or have it done.

Regulation respecting access to driving a road vehicle in connection with the health of drivers Replaced. No person may drive a road vehicle in contravention of this section during the period traffic is restricted or prohibited.

Ministerial Order concerning riding of bicycles on shoulders. On a one-way roadway with three lanes or over, the driver must use one of the right-hand lanes.