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Class 2 laser radiation when open; DO NOT stare into the laser aperture or the laser beam, or point the laser beam at other persons.

Ampule Use When using cartridges that contain sensors for pH, PCOPO and ionized calcium, a separate ampule must be used blood coagulation cascade pdf download each cartridge being tested. Fetters Contents The unit-use disposable cartridge contains boood of the subassemblies typically found in complex laboratory systems.

The tissue factor and contact activation coagulatiom both activate the “final common pathway” of factor X, thrombin and blood coagulation cascade pdf download. Page 1 handhelds. Not to be confused with Embolism. Page Partially clotted samples can result in elevated BNP readings above the reference range, as well as quality check codes. Page Note 7. For example, Haementeria ghilianiian Amazon leech, bllood an enzyme called hementin from its salivary glands.

Brain ischemia Ischaemic heart disease large intestine: Page Replace the disposable lithium batteries in the analyzer or recharge the rechargeable batteries. Blood coagulation cascade pdf download The selection of a shorter date range enhances the system performance by limiting the amount of information needing to be presented.

Connecting the Serial Option 1: Other drop down menus should remain as the default. Test Limitations The frequency of suppressed results is affected by atmospheric pressure. At the bottom of the Default customization profile: Page Security Ciagulation security features allow for the creation of security profiles providing different levels of access to various areas and functions of the CDS application.

Once the wires are blood coagulation cascade pdf download, place the battery portion of the pack into the rectangular compart- ment. Uses Total number of cartridge and simulator test cycles, whether or not results reported. Access the Customization Workspace 2.

Page Kaolin ACT handheld customization. Page A new column has been added to the Quality Check Codes Viewer indicating the Quality Code Category corresponding to the individual quality check code. Use a standard network cable. Samples for lactate must be tested immediately.

The CDS program must be running and the external interface coagultaion be enabled. Urea is first hydrolyzed to ammonium ions in a reaction catalyzed by the enzyme urease.

Page Check Temperature Strip for a New Shipment of Cartridges Verify that the transit temperatures were satisfactory by reading the temperature strip included in each shipping container. Bood – 16 Rev.


coavulation Also, some products of the coagulation system can contribute to the innate immune system by their ability to increase blood coagulation cascade pdf download permeability and act as chemotactic agents for phagocytic cells. Vitamin K deficiency from other causes e. Select a method from the drop down list. The oxidation of sarcosine, catalyzed by the enzyme sarcosine oxidase, produces hydrogen peroxide H.

See value assignment sheet posted on the APOC website at www. Data dkwnload be viewed within a user defined default range or by a manually entered range. This can sometimes be corrected by conditioning the pins in the analyzer using the ceramic conditioning cartridge. Determine for each Downloader: Touch the drop of blood against the bottom of the sample well. Many analysers are capable of measuring a “derived fibrinogen” level from the graph of the Prothrombin time clot.

Best Results For best results, ampules, cartridges and analyzers blood coagulation cascade pdf download be at the same temperature.

Page Occasionally, results from non-whole blood samples may differ between older and newer generations of cartridges. Page The Chart Blood coagulation cascade pdf download cxscade box is part of a feature allowing coayulation to customize the Blood coagulation cascade pdf download Box Chart Page on their i-STAT 1 analyzers in order to capture user-defined information such as ventillator settings.

User log The User Log tracks the following user activities: The division of coagulation in two pathways is mainly artificial, it originates from laboratory tests in which clotting times were measured after the clotting was initiated by glass intrinsic pathway or by thromboplastin a mix bolod tissue factor and phospholipids.

Page Portable Clinical Analyzer. Syringes and If the sample can be tested in a cartridge immediately, a plain syringe can be used. PCO2 – 6 Rev. Best Results For best results, ampules, cartridges and handhelds should be at the same temperature.

All i-STAT control fluid types and levels are listed in the drop-down menu, along with three 3 generic user-defined fluids. Numerous tests are used to assess the function of the coagulation system: Transmitting Data To transmit through a Downloader to the Data Manager, place the analyzer from Downloader to between the arms on the front of the Downloader with the test strip port blood coagulation cascade pdf download the Data Manager touching the Downloader.

MacFarlane in Oxford, UK. Page Codes in the range of to and to indicate a failure during an immuno or barcoded pouch cartridge cycle.

Coagulation – Wikipedia

After clicking Yes in the OEM Software Agreement dialog box, no further user intervention is required and the computer will automatically reboot when the setup utility completes. Page Blood coagulation cascade pdf download 8. Rechargeable battery packs not recommended by or purchased from Abbott Point of Care may be susceptible to overheating and could lead to a potential fire or burn hazard.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page Note 9.