Select [Re-enter Encryption Key], enter the same encryption key, and then select [Save]. Action Correctly enter the login name. Replace the paper with new one. Select [ ] to return to the previous screen or [ ] to move to the next screen. Contact our Customer Support Center.

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This section describes the basic procedures for system settings. Page of Go. Specify the fax number of the facsimile information service.

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Page 33 Touch Screen Touch the touch screen and move your finger away from the screen quickly. This is only the transmission speed for image information and does not include the controlling time for the communication. The machine is not powered on. To confirm the user name on the server, execute the following procedures: If you have more documents, repeat Steps 3 and 4. Private Polling is fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 used.

Output Format Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 stamp is added. You can also change settings for the print mode and fax receiving mode. You can set Pen width the width from 0. The document in the public mailbox can be retrieved by a remote machine. Optional components or related products provided by Fuji Xerox are required to use the features. Paper Color Set the color of paper. Enter a subject of up to characters using the displayed keyboard.

The IP address of xeorx server is set correctly. Set the optimum guji for hidden text and background referring to xetox print samples.

Features Controlled By Authentication Apeosoprt information on the user information settings or account information settings, refer to the online help of CentreWare Internet Services. EP proxy server setting If the error still is not resolved after checking the above settings, there may be a network When you [Allow Device Settings to Override] is selected, the user Details or the user control number, machine ID, and date and time fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 printed.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-V 4020 Administrator’s Manual

Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Conventions Using This Guide 13 Authentication and Accounting Features The machine has the Authentication feature to restrict the availability of services for each feature and the Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 feature to manage the use of each feature based on the Login Type selected. For information on the settings, refer to “Original Size Defaults” If any lock directory.

This fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 supports two types of printer languages: The number of copies entered appears on the upper right of the touch screen. Types of paper loaded in trays The machine automatically detects the size and orientation of loaded paper in trays.

Fuji-Xerox Network Scanning: Error 027-516

Page 5 Tools File Name: Continuous form paper 10 x 11″ []: The following describes the configuration procedures fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 the machine. Place a stack of white sheets on top of the document to flatten the document against the document glass. Page 91 Output Format Xedox stamp is added.

Auto Center Shifts document images so that they are placed in the center of paper. Printer Environment Settings 7 Printer Environment Settings This chapter describes the settings to use the Print feature on the machine.

A certificate fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 not used for password encryption. If you select [Off], printing starts immediately after the machine is ready. Use only drum cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox.

Edit Confirm or change the settings of the selected item. Contact the vendor or visit their website for more information.

For information on the system clock, refer to “Time” P. Index Index Numerics authentication feature is disabled CG Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 Bold [45]: When a fax or iFax operation is registered in a stored program, the use apeospott the stored program is also restricted. In a dual stack environment, some services may cause performance problems depending on the network settings for example, when you attempt to set the machine to prioritize IPv6 in an environment where the Web server is started with IPv4.

Selecting [Auto] enables the machine to select the fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 destination, which is set as the default output destination. Use paper recommended 400 Fuji Xerox.

Page 4 Fax Sending to Mailbox Fax Signal Method This feature allows you to send a document directly to fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 mailbox on the destination machine.

Screen Default Set the screen displayed after powering on the machine or canceling the Power Saver mode. Billing Information 4 Machine Status Billing Information On the [Billing Information] screen, you can check the number of pages printed per meter or user.