Port Devices

The surface is conductive and can cause personal injury or equipment damage if it touches a live electrical circuit. Page 14 Statement 2: If you need help, service, or technical assistance or just want more information about IBM products, you will find a wide variety of sources available from IBM to assist you. If you need help, service, or technical assistance or just want more information about IBM products, you will find a wide variety of sources available from IBM to assist you. Isolate between the SAS subsystem and the controller by disconnecting all SAS cables from the suspected adapter, and restart the computer.

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Product recovery CDs Table 5. Make sure that the computer and the monitor are turned on. Don’t have an account? Make sure that you have the documentation and software media for the device before you start recovering or installing device drivers. intellistatkon

System board internal connectors The following illustration shows the internal connectors on the system board. DIMM airflow guide Figure Attach power cords to outlet. From the list of ibm intellistation z pro 9228, select the controller channel for the drive that you want to format and press Enter.

If you suspect a problem with your monitor, see the documentation that comes with the monitor for instructions for testing and adjusting the monitor. Page installing memory monitor problems sequence for mirrored mode 43 mouse connector 6 sequence for non-mirrored mode 43 mouse problems intermittent problems internal connectors 9 internal drives no-beep symptoms 92 removing and installing 48 non-mirrored mode memory installation sequence 43 notes, important notices jumper Remove the VRM if one is installed.

Recycle or discard the battery as instructed by local regulations. By pressing ‘print’ ibm intellistation z pro 9228 you will print only current page. Be sure to read all caution and danger statements in this documentation before performing the instructions.

To install an adapter, complete the following steps: Page 31 – Chapter 4.


To avoid electrical shock, always use the power cord and plug with a properly grounded outlet. Update the system BIOS code. If you suspect a problem with one of these parts, contact a service technician.

For proper cooling and airflow, install the cover before turning on the computer. Enter text from picture: Removing The Rear Fan 4. System Reliability Guidelines, Handling Static-sensitive Devices Do not place the device on the computer cover or on a metal surface.

Serial Port Problems, Software Problems 2.


Page 52 Rotate the upper bezel to the right side of the computer to disengage the two right-side tabs from the chassis. Intermittent Problems, Keyboard, Mouse, Or Pointing-device Problems Intermittent problems v Follow the suggested actions in the order in which they ibm intellistation z pro 9228 listed in the Action column until the problem is solved.


Removing The Power Supply Cd Or Dvd Ihm Problems 4. There are two of these LEDs, one on the front and one on the rear of the computer. Installing the upper bezel 1. Battery Return Program United States, go to http: CD or DVD drive b.

Replace the following components one at a time, in the order shown, restarting the computer each time: Page 10 The device also might have more than one power cord. Some operating systems prk an orderly shutdown before you turn off the computer.

IBM 9228 – IntelliStation Z – Pro Installation Manual

Removing The Rear Adapter-retention Bracket 2. Additional information about operating systems is posted periodically at http: Page 67 Removing a drive in bay 1, ibm intellistation z pro 9228, or 3 To remove a drive in bay 1, 2, or 3 complete the following steps. There is no ISPR error. For proper collection and treatment, contact your local IBM representative.

Exchange it only with the Intelliatation part. Inellistation, complete the following steps: Under Search technical support, type or and click Search. If there is data on the disk that you want to save, ibm intellistation z pro 9228 up the hard disk before performing this procedure. Page 43 Table 2. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Intellistation z 92228Intellistation z pro This manual also for: Page 47 Table 2. You have removed the drive clip on the side of the original drive and have it available for installation on the new drive.

No beep, no video, and An undetermined failure has occurred. Use the information in this section to help you identify potential unsafe conditions in an IBM product that you are working on. Ibm intellistation z pro 9228 Tables Table 7. If the LEDs indicate that the power supply is working ibmm, complete the following steps: This appendix contains information about where to go for additional