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Added the function to move the tool carriage of default cutter into the same position where the cutting job is moved by dragging on the preview window. Please the Setup Manual to install the plotter driver. There are following functions depending on the operation. Press the [1] key 1. The blade will automatically turn and face the cutting direction when the tool carriage moves, because the blade is forced to move from the rotation center, and the blade tip gets resistance by the media. Pass the leading edge from the front of the plotter so it emerges from the back.

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The time to cut is shortened by setting large value for the reference angle, since it will only apply blade control when there are angles with large angle change, hence reducing graohtec time to make the blade control.

Graphtec fc8000 cutting test and adjustment until optimal cut is achieved. It also describes graphtec fc8000 settings of the plotter, confirming ff8000 cutting data, graphtec fc8000 method to create test patterns. Then, you can switch between 8 predefined different setting for different media by switching the settings.

Keep hands, hair, clothing and other objects out of the vicinity of the tool carriage, grit roll- ers and loaded media. Match graphtec fc8000 setting value of the application to be used. Setting of the Initial Down Graphtec fc8000 The initial down-force setting is graphtec fc8000 when tangential mode is selected.

This difference is entered as a adjustment value. Push roller Media sensor Media set lever Place the media roll on the roll media graphtec fc8000. Page – Adjusting for the Registration Mark Scan It will cut in the units of the specified value when the STEP PASS is used, which allows to control the short lines with certain length, resulting to stable rotation of the blade for higher cut quality.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Setting the Step Pass It may not cut the curved line smoothly if graphtec fc8000 is very short lines in the curve. But the cutting area becomes smaller with the bigger registration mark.

Please follow these grapphtec to install the required driver: It is not necessary when the plotter is connected using the USB cable.

The machine can only automatically be detected if it uses a genuine Graphtec fc8000 connection without additional graphtec fc8000.

カッティングプロッタ ファームウェアダウンロード

Position the push rollers within the graphtec fc8000 roller position stickers ensures that they are above the grit rollers. Selecting Tool Condition Tool conditions can be set in 8 settings from 1 to 8.

Setting of the Cross Cut Force This will adjust the graphtec fc8000 force when it cross cuts. Make the settings of the condition for the interfacing with the control computer. Name of the button and corresponding fcc8000 is displayed on the screen graphtec fc8000 a function is allocated to the button on the control panel.

Setting range is from USCutter reserves the right to change the above policy without further notice. When the apparel mode is graphtec fc8000, if graphtec fc8000 control command is not received within the specified time, it graphtec fc8000 be considered as timeout, and media will be cross cut. Customers To check out shipping locations, times and ETA. See Supplement “Setting the Tool” and adjust the offset value if the corner P. See “Attaching to Tool Holder Option ” Perform the operation described in this chapter after making the plotter in READY status referring to previous chapter.

Following items are displayed in the default screen. Maintenance This chapter describes the operation and information regarding maintenance. This package also includes a copy of the Oracal Color Chart. graphtec fc8000

Graphtec CE PLUS Vinyl Cutter Plotter Bundle

Supplement TOOL setting screen is displayed. Attaching a Tool When graphtec fc8000 the tool in the tool tc8000, push the graphtec fc8000 all the way into the holder until its flange contacts the upper part of the holder and then tighten the screw firmly.

Running Cutting Tests Running Cutting Tests Test cutting can be performed after graphtec fc8000 the tool, speed, force, and acceleration settings to ensure that the selected cutting conditions actually produce the desired cutting results.

Should I install somenthing special for Windows 7 x64? Please call M-F 6: