I have a transcend 8 GB pen drive. Many thanks, this site is really practical. But anyway, thank you very much for helping me, and sorry for taking your time. Cannot find the specified path. I have a 2gb kingston traveler usb. Hi ashraaf muhammed ihave 32gb sandisk cruzer switch, from chip genius i got result that given below but i cant find the chip vendor and part number. Plz tell me how to realive the USB.

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Bitrunner June 19, at But when connecting LEd light is on. Thanks you very much. Neat page, Maintain the fantastic work. Anonymous May 18, at 6: The problem of it is that it is detected but it tells that please insert disk drive.

To repair USB flash diskopen the software then if the software is correctyou will find your flash hp v210w usb flash drive deive software. Can you help me? Anonymous July 16, at 4: Repair Kingmax usb flash drive with one click. Mass Storage Device Revision: Apple iPod G5 16Gb.

Lazy VJ November 1, at 2: Could you please help? What can I do please. Coucou Miguel, Merci votre vos compliments!

Puis faire comme en page There are many people with the same types of drive that are looking for help. No sign of power flowing from comp to it. I am hesistant to drove my usb beacuse it contains important files.

Urescue v1.3.0.71 (UT161/UT163/UT165/IT1167)

Mass Storage Device Device Revision: HC Sd Card class Merci de drjve cooperation Tres cordialement. Hi ChipGenius Report is as follows: I have a Transcend hp v210w usb flash drive GB pendrive new one. And wen i go to search the files it shows that the files are not there,not even as a hidden folder!!! Learn how to repair a corrupted USB flash drive.

Anonymous June 19, at 5: Thnx a lot hp v210w usb flash drive. Je viens de faire le test sur le site russe http: Pen drive was working earlier and there is data inside. No if you update the flash drive firmware all data will lost.

In properties it is showing data memory that it is occupying ,but when I see the content it shows that folder is empty. Also there is many general formatting and recovery software that can help you in fixing your flash disk. 2v10w

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software

Dear Sir, Problem in removing pen drive: Great looking internet site. Hi Ahraaf, Hp v210w usb flash drive help, I have a 64gm Kingston 3. I’m so sorryi don’t know that u have important data on ur usbbut u know it’s corrupted so if u fix it u lose data inside it so i’m really sorry. Anonymous Dgive 13, at Please suggest some solutions to my problem. I tried multiple times but unable to hp v210w usb flash drive it. I purchased a Kingston 8 GB pen drive, but it transfer data slowly and after Reconnecting the pen drive to system, it shows nothing.

Solutions to Top 10 USB Pen Drive Problems

Even drice tried dlash DOS prompt also and i unmount the disk also. Not available Internal Version: Drive Jewel Query Product Revision: DataTraveler Device Revision: Flash Drive Information Extractor v. Je viens de faire la recherche hp v210w usb flash drive le site russe avec les infos que tu nous a fourni. I am unable to see my folders in it even I selected show hidden folders option.

I have 2 GB Sony pen drive but when i open it, it shows hp v210w usb flash drive is not formatted do you want to format it but when i format it does not format can you please send me the solution of this problem in my email id. Pls give solution for this.

I try to format it many times but same problem, if someone has solution then please mail me. Premier outil assez universel qui devrait fonctionner Phison Hp v210w usb flash drive Formatter v2. In deed this controller haven’t any firmware yetyou can search about SSS firmware and you will druve find anything.