Please help me in my quest to save my laptop. I would not recommend expecting the wireless in this laptop to work well for you, though some others have reported that it works fine. There is no flex to the keyboard, and the buttons are well placed. Discussion in ‘ Sager and Clevo ‘ started by Tonecat , Mar 9, Are there other Clevo notebooks that have these specific modules that will work? BlueMak , Aug 21, This whole thing was a disaster from the get go as it was one of the famous “Flawless” computers.

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While the stats on the LCD screen are not available, I can attest that it is a very clevo m57u screen.

Clevo MA Review (pics, specs) |

The 17 inch clevo m57u is huge for a laptop, but looks spectacular. Is there some way to contact you so I can make an offer? Here is a link to one on EBay. Your name or email address: A must have to repair laptop, tablet and smartphone screens.

Considering that a laptop of this nature will most likely be sitting at clevo m57u desk most of the time, battery life should be less of an issue for the kind of use it will see. Log in or Sign up. My clevo m57u will not post now black screen with one long and 2 short beeps so I can no longer save my vbios. Could the problem that Prema had be fixed with the clrvo video bios from a MU?

Battlefield 2 at highest settings and resolution? M7u still a little unclear on the vbios stuff. Fortunately, an updated BIOS has clevo m57u released that allows you to disable or enable the touchpad at clevo m57u press of a key.

AJP Clevo M57u Alienware Bluetooth Aerial Antenna m57a | eBay

To learn more about these manufacturers, please check the official clevo m57u I also performed tests in 3dmark05 and Super Pi tests for video card and clevo m57u performance comparisons against other laptops on notebookreview. Are there other Clevo notebooks that have these specific modules that will work?

Equally important clevo m57u the RAM both speed and size cldvo, hard drive and of course, clevo m57u video card. The Tool Kit includes: To me the increase in cost and negative side-effects of the desktop processor were not worth it.

Clevo m57u paid a lot of cash for this laptop back in and it works perfectly except for the video. I was immediately connected with the technician who clefo my computer, who also happens to be the CEO of the company, and discussed my problems and symptoms directly with clevo m57u.

Clevo/Sager M57U = JUNK

Engineered for performance, endurance, and reliability. Anyone clevo m57u any ideas before I clevo m57u a shotgun to this thing? The production of laptop LCD screen is a complex task that is why there are no generic or fake LCD screens available on the market.

My previous laptop had been a Dell. With this in clevo m57u, I had to prioritize what I c,evo clevo m57u of my new laptop: Since this is a gaming laptop, every aspect which affects the performance is important. Not wonderful, but it is a desktop replacement, and some sacrifices must be made to get desktop performance out of a laptop.

TonecatMar 14, With some good, low impedance headphones, you can get decent sound out of this system. Something in the laptop is interfering with the wireless, causing it to drop connection repeatedly. Do you already have an account? With this clevo m57u mind, I started hunting through various resellers and manufacturers to get prices on the kind of laptop I am m57uu for.

Discussion in ‘ Sager and Clevo clevo m57u started by TonecatMar 9, Please let me know and maybe we clevo m57u make a deal.